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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

So yea, Victor, one of my friends is trying to help my best friend Phoebe out with her baby. Well, I haven't seen him do shit other than watch the baby during day, sleep and eat all the food in the house. All he's been doing lately is getting on everyone's case. Complains about Ryan and Phoebe to me for four hours! That's not right cause you know what? He's not exactly Mr. Perfect when it comes to roommates. I haven't even seen this guy make an effort in getting a job to help support a baby. All he's been doing is eating their food and sleeping. I know Phoebe doesn't have a job right now but at least she's working towards one by going to school and in a couple months she'll be to apply for the license in massaging and get a job. And what gets me, is if he complains about having a bad heart and everything else, why does he constantly eat all the food in the apartment? I don't get it.

Then Matt, in my opinion, is acting kind of like a Lesbian Muff Diving girl. Making it sound like everything he ever had is gone in this world when in fact it's all still there. So what if my priorities changed for the moment. His attitude is just starting to get on my nerves. Always sad, Always depressed, Always thinking the worst. It's Not helping the situation. I love him to death, but it's really making me think twice if he's going to be like this all the time now...I hate it. Can't fucking stand it.

I would really like it if Matt could turn that sorry ass attitude around and if MaxHardcore king of smut would get up off his ass and do something!